"Using technology to design the most efficient next-generation breast implants on the market on all the quality / sucess criteria expeted by surgeons and patients"
PRYME® Technology featuring Estyme® Matrix
New design methods trough Finite Elements Modeling (FEM) to predict the implant behavior
Smooth Silicone Gel-Filled Breast Implant with large references choice adapted for demanding surgeons and patients

ESTYME® MATRIX concept for the whole breast implants portfolio

A matrix range to fullfil patients specific needs in aesthetics and reconstructive surgery

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Pre market clinical trials
SYMATESE AESTHETICS implemented 2 clinical studies with 137 patients to prove safety and performance
ESTYME® MATRIX implants are the result of 25 years of expertise in silicone. The first breast implants were launched in 2001 under the brand name PERTHESE, and are renowned worldwide for their quality and high level of safety. Today, our next generation of breast implants, designed by a new predictive technology, PRYME® TECHNOLOGY unique on the market, will continue to be the reference.


  • A digital implant using finite element calculations
  • Simulation of extreme stresses on our implants to optimise their design.
  • Our concern is to improve the performance and safety of our breast implants in vitro.


  • A proprietary know how in the silicone transformation process to get the best of this perfectly biocompatible and FDA-certified material
  • Unique machines imagined and designed by SYMATESE AESTHETICS
  • Extensive expertise in breast implants.

Combined properties regarding the shell and gel

Help to improve the longevity of our implants 5,6 and also facilitate their insertion and placement. 7,8,9

Viscoelasticity, cohesiveness and cross-linking properties, resulting from a unique know-how.

The results of tests of resistance10,11,12 and diffusion of the gel through the shell «also called Bleed» 13,14,15,16,17 demonstrate the excellent level of performance of our products. By reducing this diffusion, we limit the risk of inflammation and consequently the risk of capsular contracture.18


A large choice adapted for demanding surgeons and patients.

The Breast implants are used in a surgical procedure :

  • To replace breast tissue that has been removed because of cancer or injury (breast reconstruction), or to replace breast tissue that has failed to develop properly because of a severe breast abnormality.
  • To increase the size of the breast(s) (breast augmentation).

Potential benefits to patients implanted with the device include the following :

  • Better quality of life.
  • Increase of self esteem and self image.


The wide variety of sizes and volumes allows the surgeon to respond specifically to the expectations and needs of the patient for natural and «customized» results.

  • Optimized algorithms and increments
  • Linear projection according to the base
  • More than 100 references

For one base, 5 profiles, up to 21 Diameters for each :

Prospective EMMIE study

This completed study has evaluated the safety and performance of the ESTYME® MATRIX Round and Anatomical Silicone Gel-Filled Breast Implants in the breast augmentation and reconstruction at 3 months, 1 year and 2 years post-procedure.

Performance evaluation by the surgeon at 2 years:

  • Success of the implantation procedure.
  • Overall satisfaction, especially with size, shape, firmness and appearance.


Performance evaluation by the patient at 2 years :

  • Overall satisfaction: 100%
  • Quality of life evaluation: Improved appearance and self-esteem

Also an on-going study EMMA Study :

  • Evaluation of the Safety and Performance of ESTYME© MATRIX 
  • Round microtextured Breast Implants in augmentation

Patient evaluation of satisfaction

The satisfaction in terms of shape, consistency of the breast and quality of life is increased at 2 years compared to before surgery improving his silhouette and self esteem.

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