Life science exploration and creation
17% of SYMATESE AESTHETICS budget is dedicated to R&D.
Implantable medical devices to rebuild, restore and rejuvenate
To improve patients’ health, well-being, and self-esteem.
Based on its silicone technology platform
Transformation of silicones to obtain gels and elastomers.
In compliance with international regulations
Our partners benefit from SYMATESE AESTHETICS’s ability to address international markets.
Innovative manufacturing process
We have integrated good manufacturing practices for the production and supply of our products to ensure performance and safety which are essential to patients and to the medical community.


The Expertise in transformation of silicones held by SYMATESE AESTHETICS established for over 30 years to high scientific standards, has been recognized as a market leader in the 2000’s.

On this basis, we continued to optimise breast implants to give birth to a new range of products for which CE marking certification is in process.

Our know-how in silicone sheeting also supported the development of NEVELIA®, a dermal regeneration bi-layer matrix to reconstruct the dermis following a skin loss: consisting of a collagen layer and a reinforced silicone layer manufactured by SYMATESE AESTHETICS.