dermal regeneration template is used to reconstruct the dermis following a skin loss.

Our skin expertise and collagen know-how

Symatese is recognized for the quality and expertise of its technologies by some leading companies in cosmetics and dermatology. The key features of Nevelia® have been developed to achieve dermal reconstruction close to native skin thanks to:

  • Our expertise in the field of skin and dermal regeneration
  • Our scientific approach to development and manufacturing
  • Our know-how in collagen transformation


The Collagen extraction and purification are the key for the quality of the implant and guarantee :

  • Collagen quality
  • Product safety
    • Calf hides from animal less than 6 months, coming from safe countries
    • Viral and BSE safety by selection of sourcing and several chemical inactivation processes
    • Conformity to current ISO-22442 and Eur. Pharmacopeia, Monograph N°1482


NEVELIA® Collagen Matrix design and crosslinking is the result of our expertise in the field of collagen.

  • The extraction procedure and the freeze-drying process allow to structure the collagen into a matrix with optimal hydrophily, pore structure and pore size.
  • The collagen is then crosslinked to adjust the collagen degradation rate while the dermis is regenerated and therefore optimises the neodermis quality.


The goal is to obtain an optimal quality of collagen and a matrix structure to allow the neodermis formation.

Nevelia® structure

NEVELIA® is a three-dimensional porous matrix of stabilized bovine origin type I Collagen.

NEVELIA® is made of a specific native collagen with a large fibrous proportion to keep cell adhesion signals and mechanical structure to support regeneration.

In vitro tests demonstrate an optimized colonization as fibroblasts recognize collagen fibers.