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Our R&D Center is dedicated to exploring innovation in silicone transformation

Symatese Aesthetics R&D department is fully integrated from scientific research to design, production, including validation

R&D teams support industrialization and production in masterisation of silicone transformation.

R&D teams are dedicated to quality of our products in order to ensure the safety of the patient and the performance of the product.

Symatese Aesthetics R&D department is experienced and skilled to master:

  • Characterization of silicones
  • Optimization of silicone processing
  • Finite Elements Modelling (FEM)
The SYMATESE AESTHETICS R&D teams have extensive experience in Silicones. The patient safety and the performance of our medical devices are our obsession. All decisions are made taking into account these key values.


Symathese Aesthetics develops innovative and safe silicone medical devices with a very high level of safety for the patient in line with quality and regulatory requirements.

Creativity, methodological tools and project management is day to day practice to optimise our products  and our regulatory strategy.

R&D Team

The Research and Development team is a strong multidisciplinary team of very experienced  engineers and technicians from different science disciplines such as chemistry, silicone transformation, calculation by finite element for non elastic raw material. It is internally supported by a control  laboratory team and an industrialisation team.

The R&D team matches silicone rheology, transformation of silicone and predict behaviour of raw material  with their medical application to design efficient medical devices with a very high level of security. 

The team works in close collaboration with surgeons, physicians and practitioners to develop innovative products meeting the needs of both the user and patients.